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As those in the Oil and Gas Industry know–disputes in this field are very different from other commercial disputes.

Why? Firstly, it is the convergence of technology with law.

It is impossible to fairly resolve disputes in this industry without understanding how things in the oil patch work. Those in the Oil and Gas industry also understand the significance of discretion and why it is often wise to resolve matters informally…and without information becoming public knowledge through the judicial system.

Then there is the reality that the places of dispute are often at well pads far from the corporate headquarters.

Having experienced first-hand the frustration of arguing cases before judges…and sometimes, even more frustrating, juries, seeing competitors gain advantage as a result of proprietary information becoming public information and management as well as employees having to spend time and money to return to remote locations, Ralph Cantafio has decided to offer Mediation and Arbitration services that focus on the Oil and Gas Industry.

Cantafio also provides these Mediation and Arbitration services as to those finding themselves involved in disputes concerning renewable energy including solar, wind, and geothermal.


There is no public record when using Arbitration services versus the court system.

There is no location requirements when using Arbitration services.

Ralph Cantafio knows the technical language of the Gas and Oil Industry; save time and money buy not needing to educate potential decision makers.