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Ralph A. Cantafio

With a rich history in law and knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry, Ralph Cantafio offers Arbitration and Mediation services. Not only is Ralph a shareholder of a law firm that emphasizes oil and gas law (Cantafio Hammond), but he is also a Professor teaching oil and gas related classes. Cantafio has lectured foreign professionals, primarily from Nigeria and China, focusing on the oil and gas law industries and natural resources law. His education includes not only a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado School of Law, but a Master of Science in Mineral Economics from the prestigious Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Science in Global Energy Management from the University of Colorado-Denver, where he now teaches. With two professional oil and gas certificates in Petroleum Land Management from the University of Denver, numerous professional affiliations, publications as well as numerous industry presentations, Ralph’s knowledge of the oil and gas industry is extensive. Cantafio is also an expert witness. For those seeking aid in arbitration and mediation, please see the contact page. For his further credentials please refer to Cantafio’s resume.